Amontillado Sherry
Amontillado Sherry
Sherry Wine

Amontillado Sherry

Elegant and Complex

Whether due to the changeable conditions in its origin or the wide range available depending on the balance between the two types of aging, there are few wines that are as interesting and complex as Amontillado sherry. It’s a surprising and seductive wine with phenomenal pairing possibilities.


When a Fino sherry is aged for more than seven or eight years, the velo de flor reaches the end of its lifecycle and holes open up in the surface of the yeast layer, oxidising the wine. When this happens, the wine is called an amontillado.

Viña AB is the result of 12 years of aging.

Variety100% Palomino

Alcoholic contentBetween 16% and 22% vol. alc.

Tasting notes


A range of colours from topaz to amber.


Full-bodied mouthfeel filled with subtle nuances, soft in the beginning with a suggestive development and a long finish with hints of oatmeal on the palate.


Subtle, with almonds and aromatic herbs.


Its dryness and complexity make Amontillado sherry very versatile and suitable for the most daring, seductive pairings.

  • Meat
    White meat, grilled meat.

  • Fish
    Blue fish, tuna, smoked fish.

  • Cheese
    Cured cheeses.

  • Vegetables
    Asparagus, artichokes.

  • Mushrooms
    Truffles, seasonal mushrooms.

  • Exotic Cuisine
    Dishes with spices.

  • Serving Temperature
    Between 12 and 14ºC