Tío Pepe Challenge 2023

Tio Pepe Challenge, the world’s greatest Sherry Cocktail competitionnow celebrating its 10th edition.
In this spirit of competition, 700 professionals from over 20 countries will be challenged to reinterpret the great classics of mixology while showcasing their flair for creativity with Sherry Wines and giving them the ultimate twist in the most authentic Sherry style.
Knowledge, skill and innovation will intersect at Tío Pepe Challenge, an event that provides bartenders from all over the world the unique chance to discover, alongside renowned experts, the endless ways Sherry Wines can be enjoyed while flaunting their talent as they reinvent all-time classic cocktails.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity

The stage is set for you to showcase your skills as a mixologist

while using some of the most versatile wines in the world.


Immerse yourself in traditional winemaking that spans over 3,000 years.


Travel to Jerez de la Frontera and share experiences with mixologists.


Become the best sherry wine mixologist of the year.

1. The Competition.

A Sherry twist on the great classics

Tío Pepe Challenge is celebrating its 10th edition and we want to mark the occasion by paying tribute to the greatest classic cocktails of all time: the Negroni, Manhattan, Tom Collins, Daiquiri, Gimlet… with the most cutting-edge and personal interpretations by the best bartenders from around the world.
In order to participate and compete to win the 2023 Tío Pepe Challenge, you first need to create a proposal that demonstrates your mastery of mixology, your knowledge about Sherry Wines and your flair for creativity by giving one of the great cocktail classic recipes a unique Sherry twist.
Choose a classic and reinterpret it in the most authentic Sherry style in an aim to win over the jury.
Don’t forget to read and download the
The Competition

2. Register.

Take on the challenge and register to compete in the most exciting Sherry cocktail competition ever. Send us your cocktail recipe proposal and how you would reinterpret one of the great cocktail classics of all time with the help of González Byass Sherry Wines. 
Complete the registration form and pave your way to become a finalist.
Get Inspired

3. Get Inspired.

Need a little inspiration?
See some of the finalist cocktails from previous editions
If you want to know how some of our previous finalists used Sherry Wines in their cocktails and mixed drinks, click below and discover how they won the Tío Pepe Challenge with original, delicious and Sherry-inspired winning combinations!
Inspire me

4. Training Sessions.

In order to demonstrate your knowledge about Sherry Wines and be well-prepared, we’re offering you topic-specific training sessions where you can learn everything you need to know. A fantastic opportunity to get to know Sherry Wines even better and their ever increasing demand in today’s world of mixology.
Complete the following form and we’ll provide you with full details about the training sessions available to you.
Training Sessions
Do you want to learn even more about Sherry Wines?
Find out much more about Sherry Wines and the infinite possibilities they offer:
Sherry Wines

Sherry Wines

All you need to know about the Designation of Origin, geographic location, environmental conditions, history and much more

How they are made

How they are made

The best-kept secret about Sherry Wines is the unique winemaking process for each style of Sherry. Discover them all!


Using the Venencia

Do you know about this ancient, noble utensil used for pouring wine directly from the wine cask? Click here and learn more!

5. Become a Finalist.

In each participating country, a panel of experts will select ten finalists from amongst all the cocktail proposals received in that country.
If selected as a finalist, you’re on your way to showing off your mastery at preparing and presenting your cocktail proposal before the jury at your country’s National Final. The winner will represent his/her country at the grand International Final of the Tío Pepe Challenge.
Become a Finalist
The National Final

6. The National Final.

The 10 finalists in each country will compete at the National Final before a panel of judges, all of whom have expertise in mixology and Sherry Wines. The National Final consists of the following stages:
-Blind tasting
-Use of the venencia
-Preparing and presenting your cocktail proposal (limited to 5 minutes)

7. The International Final.

Win the National Final and travel to the grand International Final in Jerez
The winner in each country will advance to the Tio Pepe Challenge Grand International Final to be held in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to showcase your talent in the Sherry Wine capital of the world while enjoying an exclusive 4-day programme of activities, an immersive experience in the Sherry winemaking culture and tradition during the world-famous Jerez Horse Fair (Feria del Caballo).


More about the International Final
The International Final