Clone of Tío Pepe Challenge 2022

The international cocktail competition that attracts more than 700 bartenders from over 15 countries every year. Talent and creativity combine to discover the endless possibilities with sherry.

Don't miss this great opportunity!

A unique opportunity to demonstrate your ability as a mixologist in an exceptional  

setting by using one of the most versatile drinks in the world. 



Immerse yourself in traditional winemaking that spans over 3,000 years.


Travel to Jerez de la Frontera and share experiences with mixologists.


Become the best sherry wine mixologist of the year.

How to take part
Pass the Test
Submit your cocktail recipe
Finalist results
National Final

2. Register and pass the test

Register in the link below to become a candidate in the Tío Pepe Challenge 2022. You must pass the knowledge test with a score of at least 80% before submitting your cocktail recipe.

Final nacional

3. Submit your cocktail recipe

Once you’ve passed the online test, you can submit your cocktail recipe adhering to the competition rules and regulations in the Terms & Conditions. Please download and read carefully before submitting your recipe:

Travel to the International Grand Final in Jerez

1. Training

The Tío Pepe Challenge gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge about sherry wines. To help you, we have created specific masterclasses where you can learn all you need to know.

The masterclasses are available in two formats:

envia tu coctel

Do you want to learn more about sherry wines?

Check out our training content
In our web you will find information about the origin, history and production of these unique wines.
Learn more about our wines and their infinite possibilities of consumption.

Vinos de Jerez

Sherry wine

Everything you need to know from the designation of origin and geographical location through to the environmental conditions and history of sherry wine. 

La elaboración


Sherry is renowned for its unique production process for each particular style. Discover more!

El venenciado

The Venenciado

Discover this ancient and noble profession where venenciadors pour sherry wine directly from the wooden butt. If you reach the final phase you will have to prove your skills in the art of venencia! 

4. How to become a finalist

From the list of finalists received from each participating country, an expert panel will select 8 (eight) finalists based on their merits.


National finalists who have not been selected by the expert panel will have the opportunity of taking part by winning one of the two Wild Cards if they win the “VENENCIA CHALLENGE”.

To take part in the “Venencia Challenge”, post a video on your Instagram page demonstrating your creativity using a venencia, wine-pourer, adhering to the following specifications:
Format: vertical 9:16
Maximum duration: 20 seconds

Remember to use the hashtag #TioPepeWildCard and then two digit-country code for your country, for instance, #TioPepeWildCardUK.

The best videos will be shared on Tío Pepe social media and a jury panel will select the most original and entertaining from each country.

Post video
Reto de la venecia

5. National Finals

The finalists in each individual country will compete against each other in the National Finals before a jury panel comprised of cocktail and sherry wine experts. Finalists will have to pass the following tests to win a place in the International Final:

-Blind Tasting

-Venencia wine-pouring challenge

-Create and present a cocktail (maximum 5 minutes)

Check the dates of the National Finals already programmed:

La final nacional

Win the National Final and travel to Jerez de la Frontera for the International Grand Final

The winners from each individual country will take part in the International Final of the Tío Pepe Challenge held in Jerez de la Frontera, where they will have the unique opportunity to demonstrate their talents in the heartland of sherry wines.

They will also get to enjoy an exclusive program of activities spread over 4 days which covers the culture and tradition of sherry winemaking during the famous Feria del Caballo (horse fair).

More about the Grand Final
Gana La Gran Final Nacional y viaja a la Gran Final Internacional en Jerez