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The International Grand Final

Welcome to the finale of the Tío Pepe Challenge in Jerez de la Frontera. Alongside the opportunity to showcase your talent, as one of the participants you will enjoy an exclusive three-day activity program where you will dive into the oenological culture and world of Jerez, including one of the most international cultural events in Spain: La Feria del Caballo, the Jerez Horse Fair. 

The Grand Final comprises two rounds: 

The Knockout Round

The participants will demonstrate their knowledge and talent before an expert panel in the following categories: 

Cata a ciegas

1. Blind Wine Tasting

Relying only on their sense of smell and taste, the finalists must identify different types of sherry wine from an enormous variety. 

The art of venencia

2. The art of venencia

After an in-situ demonstration by a trained venenciador teacher, it will be the turn of the participants to demonstrate their technique of pouring sherry á la venencia. 

Live Preparation

3. Live Preparation

Finalists will prepare their cocktail live and right in front of a jury panel, who they will have to convince they’re worthy of proceeding to the Final Round. 

The Final Round

The five finalists with the highest scores in the proceeding rounds will face off again during the definitive Final Round of the Tío Pepe Challenge 2023. This will consist of the following challenges: 

The art of venencia

1. The art of venencia

Another opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skill at serving sherry wine directly from the butt using the venencia.  

The Secret Challenge

2. The Secret Challenge

The 5 selected finalists will be presented with a secret challenge which will be revealed on Wednesday 10th. The challenge consists of creating a new sherry cocktail based on specific requirements which will test the innovation and creativity of the finalists. This new cocktail will be presented during the night of the 10th and be the main challenge of the Grand Final.

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