Solera 47
solera 47


“Los mi alma”, a chirigota from the Bizcocho group, has been the most voted in “Jurado con Solera”, the contest with which Jerez wine, Solera 1847, has proposed the first prize from the public in the history of Carnival from Cadiz.

“Jurado con Solera”, the first prize from the public in the history of the Carnival of Cádiz, already has a winner. The chirigota "Los mi alma" has been the one that has received the most votes from lovers of this Cádiz event. The popularity of this creation of the Bizcocho group has helped it become the winner of "Jurado con Solera".

Thus concludes this initiative with which Solera 1847 has wanted to offer the possibility of voting for their favorite carnival group. In its first edition, "Jurado con Solera" has had the participation of more than 60 groups including comparsas, quartets, choirs and chirigotas.

Throughout these days of joy, users have voted more than 20,000 times on the "Jurado con Solera" website, which has obtained a total of 62,000 visits and has distributed 248 prizes. Among the most outstanding were a selection of wine tourism experiences in the González Byass wineries and the chance to enjoy a bottle of Solera 1847 in a selection of establishments in Cádiz.

Chirigota "Los Mi Alma"

Solera 1847 and the Carnival of Cádiz

Solera 1847 has participated in the Carnival of Cádiz for more than 10 years. He has done so with initiatives such as the romancero “Blam Blam”, in 2013, and the humorist Luis Lara, in 2014. A year later it was the turn of “Tangos con Solera” and, in 2016 and 2017, it was the turn of “Guiri of Solera”. In 2018, this Cream wine was able to make the illegal chirigota “Los Guatifó”, and in 2019, “El Secreto del Selu”. “Carnavaltherapy” and “Batalla de Coplas y Tapas” were the initiatives of Solera 1847 for the 2020 and 2021 carnivals, respectively.

Jurado con Solera 47Chirigota "Los Mi Alma"Long live the Carnival of Cádiz and long live our Solera 1847!

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