Brandy de Jerez
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Brandy de Jerez

With caramel aromas and a delicate taste, Brandy de Jerez is one of the most noble spirits in the world. The production begins with aguardientes distilled from wine that is then combined with a criaderas and soleras aging system, using oak butts that previously housed sherry for a minimum of two years. It’s this method that produces specific organoleptic properties that are unlike any other brandy.

  • Botella Lepanto Gran Reserva

    Lepanto Gran Reserva

    The life of the years

  • Botella Lepanto Oloroso Viejo Solera Gran Reserva

    Lepanto OV Solera Gran Reserva

    The ageing of old dry Olorosos

  • botella lepanto px

    Lepanto PX Solera Gran Reserva

    Aged in Pedro Ximenez casks

  • Aurum

    Lepanto Aurum

    The world's most exclusive brandy