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We have rediscovered the ancestral tradition of making vermouth using the 1896 recipe, perfectly preserved in the depths of the winery’s historical archive. This genuine Jerez vermouth symbolises good craftsmanship and life’s small pleasures: it brings together the past and the present, reviving traditional flavours that are popular once again. Enjoy traditional vermouth like never before

  • Botella Vermouth La Copa

    Vermouth La Copa

    Genuinely from Jerez

  • Botella Vermouth La Copa Blanco

    Vermouth La Copa Blanco

    Selection of Fino Sherries

  • Botella Vermut La Copa Extra Seco

    Vermut La Copa Extra seco
    Vino Oloroso

  • Botella Vermouth La Copa Reserva

    Vermouth La Copa Reserva

    Soleras of Oloroso y Pedro Ximénez