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Lepanto PX Solera Gran Reserva

Aged in Pedro Ximenez casks

This Lepanto Holanda is aged in 600 litre American oak casks previously used for the ageing of sherry following the traditional Solera system unique to Jerez.


Lepanto is a unique product as it is the only Brandy de Jerez produced 100% in Jerez from the Palomino variety. Only the best Palomino musts are used for the production of Lepanto, the mosto yema, the first musts taken from the pneumatic Wilmes presses. This must is then distilled following a double distillation process carried out in two Charentais pot stills housed in Los Arcos cellar in González Byass in Jerez, being the only brandy to be distilled in Jerez. Our skilled master distiller Luis Trillo selects the central part or heart of the alcohol spirit produced, discarding the heads and tails. This part gives the purest and best quality and is known as Holanda. The Palomino variety gives very fragrant alcohol spirit with a fruity and vinous character. Aromas such as pear, pineapple and banana stand out due to the careful alcoholic fermentation of the Palomino wines.

Variety100% Palomino fino

Alcoholic content36% vol.

Tasting notes


Lepanto PX shows a dark amber colour with mahogany tones


On the palate smooth and elegant with a sweet sensation from the Pedro Ximenez.


On the nose beautiful rich aromas of raisins and figs and notes of oak from the time spent in cask.


This is a brandy to be meditated in a brandy glass. Ideal to be enjoyed with a good cigar or cheese such as Gouda with a caramelised rim to bring out the Pedro Ximenez.

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