Botella Lepanto Oloroso Viejo Solera Gran Reserva
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Lepanto OV Solera Gran Reserva

The ageing of old dry Olorosos

This Lepanto Holanda is aged in 600 litre American oak casks previously used for the ageing of sherry following the traditional Solera system unique to Jerez. In the case of Lepanto OV (Oloroso Viejo) the alcohol spirit is aged for 12 years in casks previously used for the ageing of Tio Pepe and then for a further 3 years in casks previously used for the ageing of old dry Olorosos. Therefore the brandy is aged for an average of 15 years making it a Solera Gran Reserva.


Variety100% Palomino fino

Alcoholic content36% vol.

Tasting notes


epanto OV shows an intense amber colour with dark copper tones


On the palate intense and extremely dry however maintaining an elegant smoothness.


On the nose clean and complex aromas with hints of nuts, spices and mature wood.


This is a brandy to be meditated in a brandy glass. Ideal to be enjoyed with a good cigar or cured Manchego cheese.

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