Bottle of Tio Pepe 2023 release
Bottle of Tio Pepe 2023 release

Tio Pepe En Rama 2023 Release

The 2023 release of Tio Pepe En Rama is here!

Every spring, a limited edition Tio Pepe is released to showcase Fino at its freshest. Made without clarification or filtration, En Rama seeks to emulate the experience of tasting Tio Pepe straight from the cask and is super-fresh and super-charged with flavour.

In the selection for this year’s vintage, Antonio Flores and the team has moved beyond the original Constancia and Rebollo wineries where the first soleras were laid in the 19th century, and ventured into the 1960s to select butts from the soleras at the Gran Bodega Tio Pepe as well. Ninety-eight butts from across the three cellars have been used for the 2023 release, each contributing to the character of the final blend.

The weather during the growing year was marked by an almost spring-like winter, which meant the layer of flor was able to remain active and healthy, providing another year of life, evidenced in every one of the butts selected.

Flor is the covering of yeast that protects Fino Sherry from oxidation and gives them their distinctive character which is embodied in the intensity and freshness of Tio Pepe En Rama. The annual spring selection is made when the flor is at its thickest, imbuing this unfiltered and unfined wine with a wonderful salinity and bloom.

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Tio Pepe En Rama Stockists

Tio Pepe En Rama Stockists: Majestic, The Wine Society, Lea&Sandeman, Tanners Soho Wine Supply, Amps