Botella Vermouth La Copa Reserva
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Vermouth La Copa Reserva

Soleras of Oloroso y Pedro Ximénez

in González Byass, the first references of Vermouth go all the way back to 1896. Our inventory shows the existence of Vermouth between 1896 and 1926. First, it was found in sections about imported wine and later, from 1909, it was included in bottling in various regions. The Vermouth La Copa range is based on these recipes and the label designs are referring to the ancient Vermouth labels recovered from González Byass historical archives.


Vermouth La Copa Reserva is made from noble Soleras of Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez, base wines of premium quality. The maceration is based on the selection of traditional ingredients used in Vermouths, a careful treatment of aromas and favours of wormwood, clove, bitter orange, cinnamon, nutmeg , angelica and cinchona. Upon finishing the maceration, this premium Vermouth ages additionally for 12 months in American oak casks that previously contained Oloroso. This additional ageing leaves seducing aromas and on the palate it shows the true origin of this wine, reminding you of the cellars and wines of Jerez.

VarietySoleras of Oloroso y Pedro Ximénez with an average age of 9 years.

Alcoholic content18% vol.

Tasting notes





A perfect aperitif to recover the classic Vermouth Moment. Enjoy chilled, on the rocks or with ice. Due to its high complexity and concentrated favours and aromas, it serves as an interesting cocktail ingredient.

  • Aperitif