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Alfonso 1/6

Oloroso Sherry

The stillness of the winery

Finite wines is a new range of rare Sherries, representing oenological jewels, which are impossible to replicate and with a veru limited amount of bottles available


Born in the silence of our "La cuadrada" cellar this is a remarkable example of a "finite wine". Only 1 out of 6 casks of this delicious and distinctive Sherry will be bottled. Lying undiscovered for more than 40 years, the wise and watchful passage of time has enabled this wine to reach its full potential.

Variety100% Palomino Fino

Alcoholic content22% vol.

Tasting notes


Golden colour


Dry oloroso


Fine and noble aromas of lacquer and varnish mixed with hazelnuts and the magical toast of American oak.


Pair with:

  • Stews

  • Mushrooms

  • Cheese