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Tio Pepe Challenge Test

Learn more about González Byass, sherry wines and find all the answers to the questions

1. What is the name of the founder of González Byass?
2. Tio Pepe, González Byass’ Fino, was named after?
3. In what region of Spain is Sherry made?
4. Which city/town is NOT a part of the Sherry Triangle?
5. What is 'Levante'?
6. What is the main component of the Albariza soil in Jerez?
7. What is the main grape variety produced in Jerez?
8. What does the 'asoleo' process consist of?
9. A typical Sherry barrel is made out of
10. What is the most common ageing system used for Sherry production?
11. What is the Flor?
12. At what percentage alcohol can the Flor no longer survive?
13. What do you use to fortify the base wine?
14. What is the sweetest style of Sherry?
15. Amontillado starts its life being a
16. Sherry wines can be fortified with any type of alcohol
17. Oxidative aged wines are normally fortified to 17-18% alcohol?
18. What is the name of the category of wines with a minimum age of 30 years
19. What is the minimum alcohol level for a Sherry wine?
20. The Finos are so dry because the yeast has consumed a specific component in the wine - which?