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XC Palo Cortado

Palo Cortado Sherry

There and Back

By doing so, the winery is also reviving the tradition of sending the famous "there and back" wines on a round trip by the end of which, once they had returned to port from their lengthy voyage, they were worth twice as much as when they set out. This Palo Cortado set sail on the Buque Escuela (Training ship) last February on a 6-month journey that was in fact the Spanish Navy training ship's 90th voyage. It doched back in Cádiz on 11th August 2018


Variety100% Palomino Fino

Alcoholic content21,5% vol.

Tasting notes


Exceptional amber coloured Palo Cortado


Full bodied and complex, elegant and smooth with a long finish


Refined and elegant on the nose, it displays aromas of hardwood and well-roasted nuts complemented by salty notes


XC Palo Cortado should be served between 10 and 12 ºC in a small white wine glass. Due to its power and structure this Palo Cortado is perfect with hard cheese, salty caramel, strong meats such as venison and dry aged beef.

  • Curated cheese, meat and fish

  • Meat
    White meat

  • Fish