Vino Fino
Sherry Wine
Sherry Wine

Fino Sherry

The Soul of Jerez

Discover a dry white wine that conveys what makes the Jerez region so special. Tío Pepe is the leading Fino sherry producer, and without a doubt the world’s most famous Fino sherry.


Fino sherry is made by fermenting the must of the Palomino grape, fortified to 15%, which promotes the development of velo de flor, which is the main agent behind its specific organoleptic properties. It is matured through a biological aging process for a minimum period of two years in American oak butts according to the traditional criaderas and soleras system.

Tío Pepe: The World’s Most Famous Fino Sherry

Variety100% Palomino

Alcoholic contentBetween 15% and 18% alc. vol.

Tasting notes


From straw yellow to pale gold.


Bone dry, light, with an elegant bitterness that produces a long finish with almond notes.


Sharp and delicate, with notes of almond and yeast.



This wine’s special ability to stimulate your taste buds makes it ideal for tapas. Not only does it adapt to all flavours – it amplifies them. Everything tastes better with a Fino sherry!

  • Fish
    Seafood, fish and sushi.

  • Tapas
    Olives, dried fruit, charcuterie, Iberian ham.

  • Serving Temperature
    Between 6 and 8°C