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Fino de añada 2011

Fino Sherry

The expression of the Terroir

Uniqueness, an expression of the terroir, finesse and elegance are the distinctive features of this Finite Wine. A single butt that has been ageing statically and that right now is showing its full potential.


A vintage Fino from the 2011 harvest of the Carracal and Macharnudo estates. This eceptional wine owes its personality in part to the amount of rain that fell during 2011 growing year having been higher than 600l/m2 average. Autumm, winter and spring were harm, as was the summer, allowing a very consistent maturation of the grapes.

The harvest started on 17thth August and ended on the 5th September. The quality of the grapes was determined as excellent.

Variety100% Palomino Fino

Alcoholic content15% vol.

Tasting notes


From straw yellow to pale gold.


Bone dry, light, with an elegant bitterness that produces a long finish with almond notes.


Sharp and delicate, with notes of almond and yeast.

maridaje finos


Pair with:

  • Aperitif

  • Seafood